Who will bring the presents under the Christmas tree this year?

In times of the constant increase of online shopping, demands get higher, but who will deliver so we all have our presents under the Christmas tree this year? Many experts are of the opinion that the existing infrastructure is no longer able to support the old model of e-commerce, and a fundamental reorganization of supply … Olvass tovább

Transport by road

Global trade and transporting goods is one of the main driving forces of the economy. It has become an almost imperceptible part of our everyday lives. You might not even be aware, but global transportation affects your life profoundly. Just take a closer look at your own plate, and identify at least 1 or 2 … Olvass tovább

Logistics behind logistics – How does SME work?


Get to know how SME works behind the scenes. Knowing that global supply chains come with increased complexities sometimes it can be difficult to know whom to trust on the market. Here we present you a few straightforward steps on how SME is going to handle your order.  What is SME? SME is a forwarder … Olvass tovább